Collaborative Design Team: Canada Mexico USA

With a shared passion to pursue design with strong social value and relevance, the Canadian, Mexican, and US design team members crossed paths several years ago, with Factor Eficiencia and 546 Architecture collaborating on numerous projects in Canada, Mexico and throughout the world. This collaboration builds on previous socially-oriented projects such as Table for 1200, Chair Your Idea, Pabellón Urban Blob, Pabellón FCA 2016, Pabellón Camara de Duración, Pabellón Palco Publico.

The common theme of these projects centred on creating one-of-a-kind public experiences in urban spaces, and have led to the team’s latest work in One Bucket at a Time Winnipeg — the perfect fit for the city’s upcoming public art, culture and design festivals, and one which will contribute beyond the life of the installation through a community campaign. 

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5468796 Architecture

5468796 Architecture is a Winnipeg-based design studio established in 2007. Instead of looking for silver-bullet solutions the firm pursues invention as a way to re-instate legitimacy of Architecture in everyday life — it does so by finding opportunities in the most rudimentary of briefs and re-imagining the role of architecture in the city. While aiming to execute this agenda locally on all fronts, from advocacy to teaching to public engagement and making, 546’s work continues to be recognized throughout the world for its resilience, resourcefulness and the rigorous pursuit of innovation, further inspiring the firm to re-invent its approach for every new challenge.. 

Pabellon FCA 2016, Mexico City, June 2016 Architect: Ambrosi/Etchegaray Collabrative Team: Andamios Atlas + Espacios Photo: Jaime Navarro

Pabellon FCA 2016, Mexico City, June 2016

Architect: Ambrosi/Etchegaray Collabrative Team: Andamios Atlas + Espacios

Photo: Jaime Navarro

Factor Eficiencia

Factor Eficiencia is a group of architects and builders dedicated to the application of efficiencies in all aspects of construction and constantly focuses on discovering new methods and opportunities in architecture and construction. Our passion for design has allowed us to collaborate with some of the best architectural studios in Mexico and with some of the best specialized fabricators in the world. For their proven quality, Factor Eficiencia's buildings have been widely published nationally and internationally and have received several distinguished international awards. Factor Eficiencia is currently led by Fermin Espinosa and Gerardo Salinas, AIA.

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Studio NYL Structural Engineers

Studio NYL, a Boulder, Colorado-based structural engineering and facade design firm founded in 2004 by Christopher O'Hara and Julian Lineham. Studio NYL's vision is rooted in the founders’ belief that all architectural design can be elevated through the inventive use of structures that enhance rather than limit design. It is this passion for raising design standards through the "artful use of structure" on every project—whether humble or grandiose in scope—that drives their distinctively poetic approach.


Ayuda y Solidaridad con las Niñas de la Calle

Founded in 1993, Ayuda y Solidaridad con las Niñas de la Calle provides shelter and support to girls and young women in situations of abandonment and social risk. In Mexico, between 95,000 and 130,000 girls live on the streets; 25,000 girls live in orphanage homes. In response to these numbers and instances of assault and abuse, the orphanage’s mission is to provide care and strengthen values of health, integrity and self-worth for women between 4 and 21 years of age, with the goal to be re-integrated with family, live an independent life, pursue higher education or shift between other similar organizations. Ayuda y Solidaridad maintains an open door policy and provides numerous strategies in order to do so, including a home with security and food, academic, physical, intellectual, and spiritual development programs, as well as job skills, legal help, and healthy family relationship structures. As all the programs provided by the organization are free, funds are fundraised through donations.