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One Bucket at a Time is doubling its impact with an innovative community initiative: visitors are invited to “fill the wave” of buckets through individual donations of $20. Arriving in Canada empty, each bucket used to construct the project will leave for Mexico filled with Canadian generosity, with all proceeds to be given to Ayuda y Solidaridad con las Niñas de la Calle, a Mexican orphanage for at- risk girls and young women located in Mexico City.

Ayuda y Solidaridad con las Niñas de la Calle

Founded in 1993, Ayuda y Solidaridad con las Niñas de la Calle provides shelter and support to girls and young women in situations of abandonment and social risk.

In Mexico, between 95,000 and 130,000 girls live on the streets while only 25,000 girls live in orphanage homes. In response to these numbers and instances of assault and abuse, the Ayuda y Solidaridad’s mission is to provide care and strengthen values of health, integrity and self-worth for women between 4 and 21 years of age, where the ultimate goal is to be re-integrated with family, live an independent life, pursue higher education or shift between other similar organizations. Ayuda y Solidaridad maintains an open door policy and applies numerous strategies in order to create a healthy environment, including providing a home with security and food, academic, physical, intellectual, and spiritual development programs, as well as job skills, legal help, and healthy family relationship structures.

The costs of these services is $500/month for each girl and as all the programs provided by the organization are free, funds are raised through donations.

Available in donations of single, five, and twenty-five bucket increments, each sponsorship will go a long way in supporting positive futures for these young Mexican women.